Welcome to Coursing Around. A book of 15 fun filled outdoor activities using sidewalk chalk. Physical fitness is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Coursing Around is easy to use too. Just grab some sidewalk chalk, a safe place to draw your course and get started. It is that easy! The "courses" will help to teach your child shapes, colors, numbers and letters. It also allows your child to be creative and add their own twist to the courses. Once the course is done, it is go time. You can draw two courses next to each other and race, time each other or play follow the leader.

Children will be rewarded with increased motor skills, endurance, creativity and overall fitness level. Socially, Coursing Around can't be beat! Children learn how to listen and follow directions, as well as to share and take turns. They also learn about working with others and the value of teamwork. Coursing Around is great in your own backyard, the playground, playgroup, home schooling or your next birthday party.

It is sure to be a hit.


"I have enjoyed having my Daughter be active outdoors while at the same time learning her numbers and shapes. Coursing Around is a great fit in our family's active lifestyle."

-Kristin, Group Fitness Instructor
Castaic Lake, Ca

"My Son enjoyed running, skipping and exercising. He has learned that being active helps make you big and strong. I like the self confidence it has given him."

Valencia, Ca